What we want to achieve

Supporting children, young people and families is our main focus. We bring together groups and organisations working to make life better for the children and young people.

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Local needs

34% of the population in Derby is made up of children and young people (0-24 year olds), of these nearly 1/3 of 0-18 year olds live in poverty after housing costs have been applied.

Educational attainment across Derby is nearly 9% below the national average with only 50.5% a chieving A*- C in English and Maths. However we do have more young people who are in education, employment or training, which is positive.

Local Priorities

Derby Council's Children and Young People's Plan 2015-18 has three priority outcomes:

  • Children and Young People are Safe
  • Better educational attainment
  • Improved health and well-being

The Priority Families programme targets help and support to those families who need it most. It supports those families with complex needs such as crime and anti-social behaviour, children who have not been attending school regularly, domestic abuse and health problems.

The local VCS is an essential partner in meeting the needs of the local communities. Here is a list of outcomes CYPN members work to achieve:

Keeping children and young people safe from harm

Reducing negative risk taking behavior

Building resilience in children, young people, families and communities

Providing early help and prevention services

Improving emotional health and well-being

Delivering health promotion or public health activities

Promoting school readiness

Supporting achievement and attainment

Preparing for adulthood and independent living

Supporting children with disabilities of long term health conditions

Educating and training the workforce