Consultation on Care Homes and Day Centres

13 April 2016


Consultation on the future of directly provided Care Homes and Day Centres

Derby City Council is required to make cuts of £45m by 2019 and is therefore undertaking a review of its services. This includes looking at the Adult Care Homes and Day Centres that the Council directly provides.

The buildings where these services are currently run require significant further investment to maintain them as fit for purpose. We can no longer afford to make the investment needed into these buildings.

We need to consider other options for the ownership and management of these services in the future

Before making any decisions on the future of these Care Homes and Day Centres, the Council wishes to find out about the views of the public and stakeholders. We are therefore asking you to take part in a consultation, to help make decisions about how to reduce costs while still protecting services that are valued by people across the city.

The link below will take you to an online version of the survey