DCC betrays most vulnerable

16 October 2013


This week Derby City Council will once again blame national funding cuts to disguise their lack of proactive local leadership when they meet to approve their proposed cuts to voluntary and community organisations in the city.

Derby City Council meets on 16 October to discuss a report produced by Council Officers to take the axe to funding that supports the most vulnerable people in the community for the second time in two years. Cllr Mark Tittley explained in the report that "whilst making these recommendations as Cabinet lead I am mindful of the need to protect the most vulnerable people in our communities but also discharge our fiduciary responsibility to manage within the resources the Council has available."

A decision by the Local Authority to once again slash its support to the Voluntary and Community Sector will further threaten people's lives and wellbeing not just now but in the future as the implications of the cuts become reality.

"We are tired of the Council hiding behind the excuse that they have no choice," explained Kim Harper of Community Action, "what we need is local leadership working on the options together as a city, not more excuses."

In 2012 the Council axed 33% from the support it provided to the voluntary and community sector and it is now planning to axe a further 45% - there will soon be nothing left to cut.

Community Action's campaign against these devastating cuts starts in earnest today - a meeting will be held on 29 October at The Voicebox, Forman Street in Derby from 6 to 8pm to plan the next stage of the campaign and voluntary and community organisations are strongly urged to come along and get involved.

For more information or to show your support for the campaign please call Matthew Allbones, Operations Director at Community Action on 07884 266868 or email.