East Midlands Ambulance Service Tips

20 December 2016


As we head into winter and the temperature falls East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) has some top tips to help you and your loved ones stay well this winter.

Winter is one of the busiest periods for the ambulance service. On an average day EMAS receives around 2200 emergency and urgent calls, that's a new call every 43 seconds. During the winter period the number of people calling 999 for help increases.

There are lots of simple things you can do to help keep yourself in good health and prevent you from becoming so poorly that you require emergency help.

Bob Winter, Medical Director at EMAS says;

Cold conditions can be bad for your health, especially for people with long-term conditions or people aged 65 and over

But cold weather doesn't have to go hand in hand with illness and following this simple advice will help you, or the person you care for, stay well during these cold months.

  • Make sure the home of the person you look after is kept warm - at least 18 degrees
  • Make sure the person you care for has a well-stocked medicine cabinet to help manage common minor ailments
  • Arrange to have a flu jab - this means you and the person you care for, as it prevents flu spreading
  • Visit your pharmacist for advice on minor ailments and illnesses

      • Use NHS 111 for non-emergency medical advice.