Funding Opportunity - Asda

18 October 2016


Asda stores in Spondon and Sinfin have a community support programme called 'You Choose' - shoppers cast their votes between three different charities using green counters and after three months the counters are weighed and the heaviest gets £500 and the two runners up get £200.

Organisations can self-nominate or ask someone to do so on their behalf. It's a very simple application and the initiative is undersubscribed. Asda's Community Champions can also help with fund raising in-store - bag packing etc. and advise about bidding for local funds for things like:

  • Local events
  • Supporting elderly people - lunch clubs
  • Sport - football or other sporting kit
  • Christmas - supporting elderly or vulnerable people.

For more information contact (Spondon) or (Sinfin).

Asda also has a national foundation that offers significant funding opportunities for charities, non-profit making organisations and community groups. They want to support organisations that have an impact on as wider section of the community as possible and give quite comprehensive guidance on who can and should apply here.