Group Allotment Plots

30 March 2017


Looking for a healthy activity for your members?

Ashbourne Road District Allotment Association is keen to encourage more people to take up allotment gardening. The mental and physical benefits of having an allotment are widely documented, yet the Association recognises that whilst some people may have the interest in allotmenting they may not necessarily have the time, energy, commitment or skills to manage a plot of their own. This is why Ashbourne Road District Allotment Association is reaching out to voluntary organisations and charities in Derby to see if anyone would be interested in taking on a group plot. A plot that is managed and shared by a group gives more people access to the many pleasures of growing your own and allotment community life.

At the moment there are a small number of plots available. Specifically there is one plot that would be ideal as an accessible plot, particularly suitable for adults or children with physical disabilities or older people. This plot is nice and flat (as is the site as a whole), ideally located near the main community area and car park. The plot is predominantly covered in stone and gravel so would be perfect to cover in slabs and raised beds, there is also space to build a shed and seating area. The rent on the plot is only £20 per year. The advantage of raised beds would mean it would be easy to 'shut up plot' over the cold winter months and resume activity in spring.

If your group or organisation would be interested in this or any other plot at Ashbourne Road District Allotments email or call Chris Dawson (Allotment Secretary) on or 07426 854569.