Inclusive Cycling Volunteer Training

30 March 2017

inclusive cycling

Derbyshire has 6 inclusive cycle hire centres with a fantastic ranges of adapted bikes suitable for anyone to use even if their balance, use of their limbs or ability to learn new skills is challenged. Bikes range from having a wheelchair on the front to having four wheels with two people riding side by side. We have seen a range of people with different impairments use these bikes including some with physical impairments such as cerebral palsy and those who have suffered a stroke as well as people with a learning disability.

Derbyshire Sport is coordinating 4 training sessions between April and June to help people understand how to use the adapted bikes and support others to ride them. All training sessions are free and anyone can book on:

Chesterfield - 10 April 10am to 1pm - book here.

Derby - 4 May 1pm to 4pm - book here

Parsley Hay - 9 May 9.30am to 12.30pm - book here

Rosliston Forestry Centre - TBC

For more information email Rachael Dyer or call 01773 571225.