'Shadow' Sustainability Transformation Plan

11 April 2017


A network of Derby and Derbyshire carers have produced a 'shadow' Sustainability Transformation Plan called 'A New Approach For All'.

The carers said: "We did this because we were concerned that the original doesn't show how communities can transform health and social care. We also want to be actively engaged in shaping local solutions rather than 'consulted' with. We happen to all be family carers but the 'shadow' STP is about our shared vision for Health and Social Care's future.

Author of the original STP - 'Joined Up Care Derbyshire' - Gary Thompson and the SDCCG were asked for a response to our initiative and they replied:

"All organisations involved in the future of health and social care want to work with the people of Derbyshire to help shape the services that can ensure high-quality care is offered in the right way, at the right place, at the right time. By continuing to adapt to a changing world, the NHS in Derbyshire will build a better service for people using it today and in future."

On the 31 March 2017, NHS England produced 'Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View'. In it, they say they expect local people to be involved in the plans and how they'll be implemented. Healthwatch has set out five steps to ensure that local people have their say. This includes the need for an explanation as to how people's feedback has been used, the difference it's made and how the impact of the changes in the plans will be monitored.

We feel passionately that this is a real chance to ensure that communities are at the heart of the big changes ahead.

Please consider placing OUR 'shadow' STP on websites, discussing it at relevant board and committee meetings and ensuring the solutions contained within it are included in the plan going forwards. We have called for a merger of our plan with the original."

Click for the 'shadow' STP and an overview of the plan.