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Registering as a Charity

Who can help you to register as a Charity?

The Charity Commission was set up in to assist organisations wishing to register as a charity in England and Wales.

What is a Registered Charity?

It is an organisation that:

  • has been set up to benefit the public or a substantial section of it
  • has been accepted as charitable by the Charity Commission and formally registered with it
  • sends information to the Commission annually or as requested

Useful information from the Charity Commission to help with Registering as a Charity

  • Registration pack - all the forms you need to register as a charity
  • CC3 - Responsibilities of Charity Trustees - information relating to about being a trustee
  • CC21 - Registering as a Charity - explains what a charity is, how it is set up, when you need to register and how you can become registered
  • CC22 - Choosing and preparing a governing document - gives guidance on the different types of constitution
  • CC60 - Hallmarks of a well-run charity - this is what the Charity Commission expects from a well run charity

How to register as a charity 

You'll need to provide the following information in the application:

  • your charity's name
  • names and addresses of your trustees
  • a governing document
  • proof that its yearly income will be more than £5,000 (e.g. bank statements or formal funding offer)
  • proof that your charity is only going to do charitable work
  • proof that your charity will provide public benefit

Further information:

main_features_of_a_charity.doc (63KB)

advantages_and_disadvantages_of_a_registered_charity.doc (67KB)

list_of_charitable_purposes.doc (66KB)

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