We provide a funding advice and information service for community groups and voluntary organisations.

Piggy bank

Our funding advice covers:

  • helping to identify your fundraising needs
  • assisting you to develop a fundraising plan
  • advising you on possible funders and how to apply for funds
  • organising funders surgeries and workshops
  • delivering funding workshops
  • organising an annual Funding Event
  • a monthly funding e-bulletin to keep you up to date with current opportunities and other information relating to funding

General Funding Information

Information on current funders

We have a number of funding leaflets with lots of information to help you with your funding needs:

General Information

Planning Your Fundraising

Themed Funders

The information included in these themed funders are not an exhaustive list. More funders will be added every 6 months. 

Funding e-bulletin - every month we keep you updated with all the latest funding opportunities and funding information relating to the voluntary sector. To subscribe to this e-bulletin email Jayne Williams.

Funding Websites - there are a number of websites that will give you a guided search to identify the most appropriate funding opportunities.

Funding Enquiry Form - if you are looking for funding and would like some support please fill in this form and email back to We can then arrange a meeting to discuss the best funders to approach and support you with filling in any application forms.