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Community Share Booster Programme Opens in England until Dec 2020

The programme's objectives are to help disadvantaged and under-represented communities develop successful community businesses, especially in under-represented trade sectors, and financed through community share offers based on new forms of investment proposition, institutional support and business appraisal methodologies. 

Community businesses are organisations rooted in a local area, run by and answerable to members of the community, and which make a trading profit to re-invest in doing more social good.  For more information visit

Building A Stronger Britain Together - In-kind support

In-kind support allows civil society organisations to transparently bid in for support to produce communication assets and to receive training.  All support is provided with the aim to increase capacity and sefl-sufficiency.  Support available includes: brand identity development, website development, printed posters/leaflets, paid for media support and campaign development. To be eligible for this support your organisation must be working on projects to prevent hate crime and counter terroism.   For more information email

Community projects to benefit from seized criminal profits - opens 1 January

The Commissioner has ring-fenced income derived from criminal acts in 2016-17 under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and will be offering charitable groups and community organisations the opportunity of applying for a cash grant to fund capital projects.  From 1 January 2016 organisations will be able to apply for grants of between £10,000 and £25,000 from the NICE (Neighbourhoods Investing Criminal Earnings). The Commissioner is keen to fund organisations which can deliver innovative projects that leave a lasting legacy for their communities.  he also plans to fund at least one project in each policing area to achieve geographical coverage.  For more information visit

March deadlines

Jane Tomlinson Appeal - deadline 19 March

Not-for-profit organisations which are registered charities or are associated with a registered charity with an annual income under £5 million can apply for a grant of up to £10,000.  The appeal looks to support charitable organisations with a focus on children's or cancer related activities, services or operations.  The Appeal will fund projects operating in the Midlands.  For more information visit

The Swimathon Foundation Community Grants Scheme - deadline 19 March

This scheme offers funding of between £500 and £2,500 to innovative and sustainable projects which will help more people participate in and enjoy swimming and to make swimming more accesible.  For more information visit

The British Ecological Society's Outreach Grants - deadline 21 March

Through the programme, individuals and organisations such as schools, museums, libraries and community groups will be able to apply for grants to promote ecological science to a wide audience.  For more information visit

Union RAG Charity - deadline 21 March

The Union RAG charity applications for academic year 18/19 are now open.  A written application needs to be completed by 21 March.  Here the RAG committee will shortlist the charities and the successful appliations will be invited to present to students on 19 April about the impact our fundraising would have on the charity, then the students will vote on the charity they would like to be our RAG charities.  For more information visit

The Law Society Charity Grants - deadline 24 March

The Charity provides grants of between £5,000 and £15,000 to voluntary sector organisations whose work is related to the law and the legal profession for projects that promote human rights, provide access to justice and provide legal education.  Priority is given to projects that promote the needs of excluded, under-represented or disadvantaged groups and minorities.  For more information visit

The Football Foundation - deadline 29 March

Funding for Grassroots Football for Women, Girls and Disabled People

Over the next two years, the FA is investing £1.5 million into this Foundation Grow the Game Scheme to encourage not-for-profit organisations to set up one or more new football teams for two underrepresented groups - Women and Girls (age 7 up) and Disabled People.  For more information visit

The Food Waste Reduction Fund - deadline fo expressions of interest - 30 March

A new £500,000 fund has been launched to support the redistribution of quality surplus food to people in need throughout England.  Not for profit organisations that redistribute food to people in need can apply for grants of £20,000 to £75,000 for new pilot projects to be evaluated and, if successful, replicated and implemented more widely.  Organisations applying will need to demonstrate they plan to work in partnership with food businesses such as retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, food service and logistics companies.  For more information visit

Community Trees Fund Re-Opens Applications from Schools and Community Groups - deadline 31 March

The Community Trees Fund is open to applications for tree planting projects from schools and community groups in the UK.  All projects supported will show how children under the age of 16 will be actively involved in the planting that should take place during National Tree Week - usually at the end of November.  Funding of between £100 and £700 for up to 75% of the cost of the planting is available, the remaining 25% will need to be secured by the application organisation.  For more information visit

W H Smith Trust - deadline 31 March

Voluntary organisations, charities, schools etc can apply for grants up to £500.  For more information visit

The Weavers' Company - deadline 31 March

The fund aims to help young people (aged 15-30) who are disadvantaged or at risk of criminal involvement to stay out of trouble and assist in the rehabilitation of offenders.  Grants are usually no more than £15,000 per annum, and are normally awarded to registered charities or organisations in the process of applying for registration.  For more information visit

The Tree Council - deadline 31 March

The Council is inviting charities and not-for-profit community organisations to apply for a grant to pay for fruit trees to be planted during National Tree Week (24 November to 2 December 2018).  The Council is able to fund projects costing between £100 and £700 with successful applicants receiving up to 75% towards their planting costs.  For more information visit

William and Jane Morris Fund - deadine 31 March

The Fund accepts applications from churches, chapels and other places of worship built before 1896 for grants of between £500 and £3000 to carry out small programmes of conservation work to decorative features and monuments.  For more information visit

Co-operative Bank Donation Fund - deadline 31 March

Organisations that have a Community Directplus account with the Co-operative Bank can apply for funding to the donation fund.  Priority will be given to projects that support:

crime, reoffending and victims of crime

financial capability and education

diversity and inclusion

For more information visit  

VINCI UK Foundation - the end of March 2018 deadline

The foundation offers one-off grants of £3,000 to £20,000 to independent small and medium sized registered community interest of not-for-profit organisations that support people who suffer social or employment exclusion.  Projects supported will:

promote access to the labour market

promote integration through housing and inclusive mobility

help to build better communities

be located near to an office or worksite of VINCI companies

For more information visit

Grants for the Arts Libraries Fund - deadline end of March

Through the programme public libraries and those managin public libraries can apply for grants of between £1,000 and £100,000 to inspire innovative partnerships between libraries and arts organisations to help engage people in England in art activities and help artists and arts organisations in carrying out their work.  For more information visit

April deadines

The Elephant Trust - deadline 3 April

The Trust offers grants to artists and for new, innovative visual arts projects.  Priority is ginve to artists and small organisations and galleries making or producing new work or exhibitions.  For more information visit

Youth Music - Funding for Developmental Music Making Projects for Children and Young People - deadline 6 April

Grants are available to fund developmental music-making projects for children and young people up in challenging circumstances as well as projects that support the development of the workforce, organisations and the wider sector.  There are three seperate funds:

Fund A - small grants (£2,000 to £30,000) for high quality music-making projects - deadline 6 April

Fund B - medium grants (£30,001-£100,000) for larger programmes of work - deadline 18 May

Fund C - offers grants (£100,000-£160,000) for strategic programmes to help embed sustainable, inclusive music-making across a local area - currently closed

For more information visit

Funding to Support Education in Disadvantaged Areas - deadline 9 April

Grants are available to support schools and registered charities that wish to undertake educational work with children and young people in disadvantaged areas.  For more information visit

Wingate Foundation Music Grants Programme - deadline 11 April

This programme supports those areas of music performance and education which don't readily attract backing from commercial supporters or other funding bodies, or which are not eligible for public funding.  Priority will be given to those organisations which give opportunities to young professionals and to education projects for young people as well as for new adult audiences.  For more information visit

Woodward Charitable Trust - deadline 15 April

Registered charities that want to run summer play schemes for children between the ages of 5 and 16 can apply for grants of between £500 and £1,000.  Preference is given to:

small local playschemes that provide a wide-ranging programme of activities

schemes that involve a large number of children

schemes catering for those from disadvantaged backgrounds or that have a disability

For more information visit

The Leche Trust - deadline 20 April

This trust provides funding of up to £5,000 to UK registered charities, public authorities or institutions in the areas of Performing Arts and Conservation.  The trust supports projects that promote excellence in professional performance in music, dance and theatre, with particular emphasis on new work and on the development of young professionals aged 18 or over.  For more information visit

Rosa Awards Grants - round re-opens 24 April - deadline 15 June  

The programme aims to support women at the front of the fight for gender equality.  Funding of between £500 and £2,000 is available to support projects that will increase the skills, capacity and credibility of women who wish to challenge gender inequality and promote awareness and change. 

For more information visit


Royal British Legion - deadline 27 April

Grants of up to £50,000 are available to any not-for-profit or non-statutory organisations running, or planning, charitable activities in support of the Armed Forces commuity.  Priority will be given to projects or services supporting the following outcome themes:

employment and training

family support

homelessness and outreach

supporting the elderly

For more information visit

Feminist Review Trust - deadline 30 April

Funding of up to £15,000 is available for projects within the UK and internationally  that support and transform the lives of women. Priority is given to projects that:

promote lesbian and transgender rights

tackle violence against women and girls

support disabled women and girls

For more information visit

The Fore Trust - deadline 30 April

The Fore Trust is the only open-access funder in the UK offering development funding and strategic support to help early-stage charities and social enterprises to grow and expand.  The Fore will fund any UK registered charity, social enterprise or community interest company that is small (annual income less than £1m) and charitable.  For more information visit

Funding Available to Celebrate Armed Day (UK) - deadline 30 April

Individuals and local groups that would like to hold an event to celebrate Armed Forces Day - Saturday 30 June 2018 can apply for funding from the Ministry of Defence.  The event can be anywhere in the UK and the funding can be used for celebrations such as:

a picnic in the park

themed BBQ

Knees up in your living room

street party or fete

The amount of funding the MoD will provide must cover 50% or less of the total costs of running the event.  Event organisers should in the first instance register their event on the Armed Forces website.  For more information visit

Grants for Projects Tackling Health Issues Amongst Vulnerable People (UK) - deadline 30 April

Organisations with incomes over £1,000,000 can apply between 1st and 30 April for up to £5,000.  To apply for this grant the project must relate to Health.  Priority is given to projects focussing on:


Domestic Abuse


Training and Education

Counselling and Support

Better access to the arts for those who have limited opportunities

refugees and asylum seekers

For more information visit

May deadlines

Ofcom's Community Radio Fund - deadline 2 May

The fund has been established to help support the core costs of running licensed community radio stations.  Grants can be awarded to support management, fundraising to support the station, administration, financial management and reporting, community outreach, volunteer organisation and support. For more information visit

D M Thomas Foundation Central Grants Programme - deadline 8 May

Grants of up to £30,000 are available to registered charities for projects that improve education and health for young people in three key areas:

children and young people with disabilities

children and young people who are sick in hospital

children and young people who are life limited

For more information visit

Funding To Get Children Active (UK) - deadline 8 May

Grants of up to £1000 are available to registered charities and non-profit organisations who work to improve the education and physical and emotional wellbeing of children.  Applicants applying for funding may focus on one or more of the following - living in poverty, physical and mental health problems, health and wellbeing or living with disability. 

For more information visit

The Architectural Heritage Fund - deadline 11 May

This fund supports the conservation and regeneration of historic building.  Charities, not for profit companies, CICs, Parish and Town Councils can apply for funding to assist with the costs of developing and coordinating a project which helps to find a sustainable use for an historic building.  For more information visit

BBC Children In Need Main Grant Programme - deadline 17 May

Grants of over £10,000 are available to not for profit organisations and schools that work with young people who are experiencing:

disadvantage through illness, distress, abuse or neglect

any kind of disability

behavioural or psychological difficulties

and/or living in poverty or situations of deprivation

For more information visit

The National Churches Trust - deadline 23 May

The trust supports the repair and revitalisation of church buildings for the benefit of all the community.  This is a pilot programme, in partnership with the Pilgrim Trust, offering awrds of between £1000 and £3000 to encourage churches to act on small, urgent maintenance issues and repairs to listed church buildings, as identified in a recent Quinquennial Inspection Report, condition survey or report by a gutter management contractor, and costed at between £2000 and £10000.  For more information visit

June deadlines

The Fidelio Trust - deadline 1 June

The Trust offers grants of up to £5,000 in support of the Arts, in particular Music, including:

Opera, Lieder, Compostion and Dance.  The trust aims to help colleges, Arts Festivals and other arts organisations who would not be able to carry out a project or activity without financial support.  For more information visit

Garfield Weston Foundation One Off 60th Anniversary Fund - deadline 30 June

The fund is open to UK registered charities, CIO, state maintained schools and places of worship, where the project has a clear benefit to the local community and will provide grants of between £30,000 and £150,000 per project.  The type of projects funded could include:

new building or extension to an existing building for community use e.g. new kitchen

improvements to, or renovation or refurbishment of, an existing building such as installing a toilet in a rural church for community use

For more information visit

July deadlines

Wolfson Foundation Health and Disability Grants Programme (UK) - deadline 1 July

Through the programme the Foundation makes grants of between £15,000 - £100,000 for new buildings, refurbishments and equipment for a range of organisations delivering excellent care and support.  The funding is focused on:

Palliative Care and Hospices

Older People

Transitions and Independence

For more information visit

ChurchCare - Grants for Fabric Repairs - deadline 30 July

supports all those in parishes, dioceses and cathedrals caring for their buildings.  This programme helps PCC's with the eligible costs of essential fabric repairs in architecturally or historically significant Anglican churches in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Works eligible for funding tend to be Category A or B recommendations in a quinquennial inspection report and include things such as roof repairs, masonry repairs, rainwater disposal and drainage.  For more information visit

Ironmongers Company's Grants Programme - deadline 31 July

Registered charities (including schools that are registered as charities for young people with disabilities) that work with disadvantaged children under the age of 25 can apply for funding of up to £10,000.  The Company wants to support projects that provide opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people to fulfil their potential and educational activities that develop learning, motivation and skills e.g. special educational needs, parenting or life skills or addressing behavioural problems or promote citizenship.  For more information visit

The Anchor Foundation - deadline 31 July

The Foundation provides grants of between £500 and £10,000 to Christian Charities that encourage social inclusion through ministries of healing and the arts.  Funding can be awarded for three years.  The Foundation will consider appliations for either capital or revenue funding.  For more information visit

August deadlines

The Radcliffe Trust - deadline 31 August

Through its music grant making programme, this Trust supports classical music performance and training especially chamber music, composition and music education.  Particular interest within music education are music for children and adults with special needs, youth orchestras and projects at secondary and higher levels.  Applicants must be a registered charity or an exempt charity.  For more information visit

September deadlines

Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust (UK/International) - deadline 1 September

Charities registered in the UK and working to offer sanctuary, rehoming and rehabilitation to animals can apply.  The maximum funding available is £35,000 and to be eligible you should be a UK registered charity, have independently examined up to date annual accounts, and have an active re-homing and rehabilitation policy for animals taken into care.  For more information visit

The Idlewild Trust - deadine - 6 September

This grant making trust supports charities concerned with improving opportunities for young professionals working in the arts, and supporting the conservation of important works of art and objects that are being lost through the lack of funds to look afer these works.  For more information visit

Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation - deadline 14 September

Grants of between £5,000 and £15,000 are available to registered charities in the UK for projects that contribute to the development of a just society based on a commitment to nonviolence and environmental sustainability.  Grants can be up to three years. 

For more information visit