Social Enterprise - explained

Are you thinking about making changes to your organisation to become a Social Enterprise?

Are you a new Social Enterprise?

Then take a look at the advice below.

Bright people

What is a Social Enterprise?

Advantages and disadvantages of a Social Enterprise?

Defining your ideas- a template to get you started on the idea of becoming a social enterprise

Becoming a Social Enterprise - things to think about when planning for your Social Enterprise

Assessing your support needs - fill in the questionaire by ticking either yes/no for each question.  Once you've completed the form email to Nila Exley - for further support and advice.  This form was designed by Stepping Up To Enterprise

Legal Structures - what legal structures there are (CIC, CIO, Registered Charity)

Loan finances - where to get help and advice from


What is trading?

Steps to trading

Unlocking your potential - a website has been developed to encourage you to realise your organisation's full potential through 'trading'.  A toolkit will:

  •  help you work out if trading is for you
  •  help you to explore ideas and plan to make those ideas reality
  •  tell you about other help this is available

For summary of the Unlocking Your Potential website or to use the toolkit to start your journey in becoming a Social Enterprise go to

If you would like to discuss your organisation's needs email or call 01332 227723.